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Time to shape up your body

In this era of fast moving life where all you have to do is to set yourself on the chair and work and only work. Race starts from early morning and ends in late night. Funny but the truth is, this race doesn’t need any physical effort but just your mental input. You want to think of your body which is getting bulkier and bulkier day by day but you don’t have any options other than just to ponder about workout schedule. But the life is too busy to do workout kind of stuff. Isn’t it? But just thinking about the bodybuilding workout schedule is not going to do any good to your body.

iStock_000014301739XSmallMany people think that the physical exercises should be complex to be effective. Few others think workouts should be for long hours. But these are just the wrong notions and nothing more than that. There are studies which have proved that workouts done for more than forty-five minutes are damaging rather than any good. And the exercises which are short and done for less than forty-five minutes bring more toned and healthier body. Your target should be the quality of workout you are doing rather than the quantity. So you just have to take out less than forty-five minutes from your daily schedule for a perfect shaped and healthy body.

First thing you should do to design an effective training schedule is to include the correct set of exercises. Now the question comes what exactly is the “correct set of exercise”? Do not worry; the answer is not too complex to understand. The correct set of exercise is the one which:

·         Hits most of the body muscles so that you need not to perform each set to hit each type of muscle group.

·         Does not damage your physical strength. I.e. must not be too intense for your body.

Really, there are exercises which are easily doable and effective as well, for example, Squat, crunches, pulls ups etc.

Starting with Squat, it is indeed, the king of all the exercises. Variations of squats like front squats and barbell back squat are popular among most of the athletes, bodybuilders because it really works. It hits most of the body muscles group with target being mostly to the lower body muscles. Not only this, squatting also releases the necessary hormones in the blood and makes the body flexible.

Moving on to the crunches and pull ups, pull ups hit most of your back arms and shoulder muscles at the same time resulting into firm and toned arms. Now if you are keenly desirous to make your abs and core wonderful you can go ahead with crunches. Crunches burns comparatively less calories but controlled movement of flexing and relaxing the core results into perfect shaped abs.

These simple, easy and effective exercises are all admixture exercises that involve and hit different muscle groups at the same time. You can do them even in your backyard.  Also you need not to have a heavy and a long bodybuilding workout schedule to carry out them. So what are you waiting for? Get up and start your body building from today. Stay healthy stay wealthy!



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