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The 4 Minutes killer Tabata workout to burn fat fast

Who previously thought that after 20 minutes sports matters, the enormous is wrong! Because in the new fitness trend Tabata Workout, only 4 minutes get you to properly sweat.

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TREND: Tabata

Training concept by Tabata comes originally from Japan and is one of those exercises, which are carried out in the interval and where you go completely to its physical limits. The kicker is that at the Tabata training, sports phase with breaks – usually in the ratio 2:1 alternate. This means that you totally will a lead of 20 seconds, pauses, then 10 seconds and again continues. Who now thinks it’s easy, which was looking forward too soon! Because a unit takes precisely 4-minute Tabata training and training bring something and in the long run causes, you must get out really everything out just goes.

How Tabata works

In principle, you can do Tabata training with various fitness exercises. Especially those exercises that require not just a muscle group, but as many as possible are well suited. Since then it does nothing, if you stop after 4 minutes.

Tabata training is quite strenuous; you should not overdo it – sounds perhaps implausible, but really it! – And start with simple exercises.

Caution: This sport is unsuitable for with heart disease or pregnant women!

Tabata workouts

Jumping Jack

Upright instead you with legs straight and now jumps with both legs to the side and back together. The arms are moving according to the legs. Jumping Jack jump 20 seconds, 10 second pause and to go! 8 reps total

Sprint: Sprint for 20 seconds, then you break 10 seconds and already it goes on with the Sprint. Total repeat this 8 times.

Squats: Leg hip width is open, its belly firmly tense, the arms are at the back of the head as a brace. Now it is in the knee, the upper body is slightly bent forward, rear which pushed PO to, as you would sit down on a Chair. Jump up and come back to its knees. 20 seconds of squats, then 10 second pause and continue in the program. Repeat this 8 times.
Sit-ups: You lie flat on your back, lift the leg parallel to the ground and thus form a right angle to your thighs. Then to tense the abdomen, fingertips, easily support the back of the head and one comes purely with the power of the navel upwards. The upper body is lowered again and repeated for 20 seconds, then a 10 second pause and repeat a total of 8 times.



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