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Slim Fast diet

Slim Fast Diet


The Slim-fast diet is one of the most popular and practiced diets in the world.  The diet is limited to 1,200 calories a day and will come from: three snacks (fruit or a Slim-Fast Snack Bar), two Slim-Fast meal replacements (a snack bar or shake), and one 500-calorie meal that dieters can prepare themselves or eat out for. You will replace 2 meals a day with featured Slim-Fast products. This diet is great for those who are trying to lose around 20 pounds in only eight to ten weeks. It’s a fairly easy diet plan if you can stick to the repetitive meal replacement choices. If kept up with, studies show this diet will shed unwanted pounds fairly easy. No health risks or symptoms have been recorded or found for this diet. Exercise during this diet is encouraged, although a few short walks a day will get be fine.

Recommended Foods

Fruits, Slim-fast meal replacements, shakes, meal/snack bars. A “sensible” meal is allowed daily, consisting of a lean meat, carbohydrate, and a fairly large serving of veggies.

Pros and Cons


  • Convenience- It’s as easy as grabbing your shake or snack bar, and most restaurants are diet safe as your daily meals.
  • Taste- The Slim-Fast diet is one of the tastiest out there. Chocolate, peanut-butter crunch, mint, and a handful of other flavors will leave you feeling like you’re not even on a diet.
  • Results- If consistently obeying your diet, you’ll see up to 2 pounds gone a week, meeting your 20-pound goal in 8-10 weeks.


  • Repetitive meals- Some people love the sweet taste of Slim-Fast but for those who don’t, this diet may be challenging. There is an array of flavors to choose, though.
  • Price- For some, the $20+ prices per pack of shakes or meal/snack bars may be a bit overwhelming and most dieters continue replacing a few meals a week with the bars even after goal results.
  • Restrictions- Slim-Fast offers no gluten-free or vegan options.


A 24 pack of Slim-Fast meal bars or snack bars is roughly $17 a pack. The shakes are a bit more, running for $35 for 24. They are available online and in bulk.

Sample of The Diet

Strawberries and cream shake
The fruit and nut breakfast quinoa
½ banana
Slim-Fast French Vanilla Shake
Apple Chicken Pita Pocket
1 pear
Pan-Seared Beef with Shallot Vinaigrette
1 cup of melon
Slim-Fast Chocolate Mint snack bar


Slim-Fast dieters, if consistent, will lose at least 20 pounds at the end of the 8-10-week period. Some dieters even say they continue to lose weight after this period. Exercise definitely will benefit this diet, but it is not mandatory. Portion control is huge; your only one meal a day will need to be correctly portioned and fit your diet.

This diet is not for vegans or a gluten free diet, as most of the products contain cow milk and gluten.



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