Simple And Quick Healthy Snacks for a Busy Family

Quick and Healthy Snacks for a Busy Family

Parents need to set examples for their children in order to help them learn how to cope with life. Show consistency: good habits, healthy habits, anything that can help them benefit and grow into responsible adults. Not going to get all preachy about life and smart decisions but I am going to share some simple and quick healthy snacks for a busy family. This will help create some good nutrition default habits during the busy life a family shares. Here are some quick, healthy, easy snacks that you can keep around and the kids will love.

Homemade Ranch and Veggies

Yummy stuff here friends! My son LOVES to eat tomatoes and carrots with the ranch I make. Sometimes red bell peppers are a win for the little snack or any bell pepper. Just slice your choice of veggies and dig in!

1 Cup of light Mayonessa or Smart Balanced Light Mayo

1 Cup of Milk of Choice

1 Tb Chopped Cilantro

½ Package of Ranch Seasoning

This makes one pint. If you prefer it creamier, then just add a little more Mayo. If you would rather it not be creamy, then  add more milk.

Fruit Bowl

We bring home tons of fruit from the grocery store. My husband simply places it in a large bowl and we use it  as a center-piece on our table. Viola! A delicious and nutritious snack! Out of sight, out of mind, but on the table, nutrition’s enabled. Seriously, try any and every type of fruit. Whole fruit, fruit salad, fruit and dip. Use your healthy imagination. Plus, when you make this on your own, you don’t have to worry about any added “anythings”.

Apple and Peanut butter

This is my go to snack. However,  I use almond butter for myself.  Everyone loves some peanut butter and apples though, am I right? Classic favorite for our bunch of crazies. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Grapes and Stick Cheese

What a classic easy go-to snack that kids and parents can enjoy. I usually get the Colby Jack cheese sticks and some red seedless grapes. Throw these bad boys on a plate and they are gone faster than they were put down. =)  You could even add crackers and cut the cheese. Then it’s like a party platter. My favorite thing at parties is the fruit and cheese platter! I will DEVOUR that plate.

I hope these simple quick snacks come in handy for you. We are usually creatures of habit and don’t stray from this simplicity. However, we always enjoy something new. What easy snacks do you and your family enjoy?

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