How Reflexology Techniques and Massager Benefit in Weight Loss


People who are looking for natural ways to lose weight should definitely try some massage and reflexology techniques, it also helps you to get rid of stress and rejuvenate you from head to toe. These two methods can provide positive effect on your muscle-building capabilities which in turn increases your weight loses and helps to maintain your fitness level.

Weight Loss Massage

Massage can help in losing weight and if you take this treatment regularly it will eliminate cellulite by breaking subcutaneous fat from the body. It is the best option for you to burn calories, if you couldn’t continue your regular workout routine due to some injuries or some other health issues.

There are three types of massage treatment for melting away the layers of fat from the body effectively. If you have no time to visit a spa then get a massager machine and with this you can get massage any time you want within your home itself. There are different types of portable foot massager machines, head massager machines and much more, you can choose the one based on your pain and preference.

1) Aromatic Massage

This is a special type of weight loss massage that cuts down your desire to eat and this technique uses special kind of oil which is extracted from the flowers, fruits, leaves and seeds. After this aromatic massage session you can sleep better and you can feel relaxed, free from all kind of stress and anxiety.

2) Lymphatic Massage

This type of massage will help boost your metabolism and enhances your immunity power by getting rid of all the toxins and it also provides relief from stress and anxiety. When you get this massage treatment regularly it will bring changes in your eating habits and the best part of this lymphatic massage is you can eliminate overeating and unhealthy food from your lifestyle permanently. Try to get this massage when you are suffering from an injury because it will help you to recover quickly.

3) Abdominal Massage

This massage will help you in getting rid of all the toxins from your body and it will boost your metabolism. After this massage your digestive system works smoother than before and makes you to consume less calories in order to lead a healthy lifestyle. This abdominal massage is known to make you feel less lethargic by charging your body and you can get the best result if you do it for twice a day. Choose the best back massager for obtaining the results within a short span of time.


How to Lose Weight with Reflexology

This is one of the popular way to lose weight, there are different pressure points on your feet by applying pressure you can trigger this points and it will provide variety of responses within your body that will help to reduce weight.

A moderate diet and exercise regimen are a way to lose weight but you can supplement your weight loss program with reflexology to lose weight quickly. If you follow reflexology technique for weight loss then you need to find out the pressure points corresponding to your digestive organs and try to work these reflex points for at least 5 minutes every day.

Using Foot Reflex Points for Weight Loss

  • Try to get a reflex chart and make sure that they are from a reputable source.
  • The first step is stimulating the spleen by pressing the outside edge of your foot between your diaphragm line and your waist line. While doing this try to hold your left feet with your right hand and use your left thumb to work the spleen reflex.
  • Next work your stomach and pancreas reflex points when you stimulate these points you can improve your digestion, the stomach point is on the inside arch of your foot just under the ball of your sole and your pancreas point is in the center of the inside arch of your foot.
  • Then work the reflex point of your gall bladder and this point is the large liver reflex area on your right foot which is just below the ball of your sole. The gall bladder stores bile the digestive liquid which is continuously secreted by your liver for emulsify fat in partly digested food which is helpful for weight loss.
  • The endocrine gland is responsible for your stress and applying pressure to the reflex points of your thyroid, pituitary and your adrenals will help you to balance your emotional and physiological stress. If you have less stress then the better chance you have to stay on a diet for losing weight.

Using Hand Reflex Points for Weight Loss

If you find difficult to do foot reflexology when you are wearing shoes then do hand reflexology for weight loss, refer the hand chart to find the reflex points and try to work the same organ and gland reflex points in your hands as you do for your feet. The reflex points in your hands are much smaller area than feet so it’s required to work carefully.

Start your journey with the healthy body today using this massage or reflexology techniques!


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