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Post Workout Fuel to Keep You Going

Post Workout Fuel to Keep You Going

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After a strenuous workout, your body might start to crave some foods which can quickly replenish its energy sources. When you work out, muscles store protein and glycogen as energy they can consume during said workout. But as soon as you stop, these energy sources in the muscles start to dwindle, but your body can process carbohydrates and proteins better, so a good idea is to load up on them.

Recovery Meals After Workouts

Yogurt is a great thing to start off with. Get it with a salad on the side and you’re set to go! But don’t forget those carbohydrates: everything from pasta to whole grain wraps are great at increasing the odds that your workout was successful and that you won’t suffer from muscle strain or muscle fever afterwards.

Another important aspect to take into account during workouts, but especially after working out, is hydration. Once your body depletes its water resources, your electrolytes are affected negatively. Drink plenty of water during and after workouts so that you can keep them in check and avoid complications related to a strenuous workout.

Antioxidants are crucial at any given time, whether you work out or not. But after a good workout, refilling your body’s supplies of antioxidants can lead to a number of benefits, especially for your tired muscles. And the best way to get them is through a fruit salad. It contains plenty of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and, most importantly, antioxidants which can fight off free radicals. What’s more, fruit like pineapple have anti-inflammatory properties which can help fight muscle soreness if you’ve pushed yourself too far.

Last, but not least, cereal is a great way to load up on fibers which will fill you up a lot faster and for longer periods of time. This can lead to less cravings after a workout, while still providing you with carbohydrates and protein, if you add milk or yogurt. But make sure to steer clear of sugary cereal.



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