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Low Calorie Hot Dogs Recipe


Low Calorie Hot Dogs

Low Calorie Hot Dogs

While looking for lower calorie foods, I found some Fat Free Hot Dogs in supermarkt. Since finding these low calorie hot dogs, I have not looked back at higher calorie hot dogs. These hot dogs, along with fat free cheese, a splash of mustard, on top of a whole-wheat hot dog bun, it is the best baseball food out there. Mix in some chili, and you have a fantastic small meal under 200 calories. Eating small meals such as this one often throughout the day is known to be healthier than eating three huge meals.


Easy Chili Dog



4 Fat Free Hot Dogs 
4 Healthy Life Wheat Hot Dogs
1 package of Boca Chili
2 Slices of Kraft Fat Free cheese
Chopped onions (optional)
Relish (optional)
Sauerkraut (optional)


Heat chili as directed on box.
Place hot dog buns on a plate, and open.
Place one hot dog in each bun.
Distribute chili onto each hot dog. Half each slice of cheese.
Place half piece of cheese on each hot dog.
Heat in microwave for 30 seconds.
Serves 4

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