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How to lose weight correctly

How to lose weight correctly choose your self

Do you want to lose weight correctly? What you are looking for, many people don´t success after doing hard work and tried many kind of plan and strategies why they always fail? Because of lack knowledge about fitness, they pick up any kind of article and try to rebuild their self and in the end they have no result.
I will explain you a simple way and most correctly way that you can lose weight much as possible. Many people want to look slim flit in their whole life even old people too. It’s made your life very happyand stress less too.

Now losing weight is not a hard task what people think too much about that and its make you lazy as well, don´t try to think be positive and relax because the mind is more important think part in any goal you want to achieve.

Here you are

these plan what I want to share you is for overweight people as well as average weight people can also follow that.

Remember one thing you lose your weight in the kitchen more than in fitness. I don’t want to say fitness is less of course you have to give 100 percent in your gym wherever you do your fitness. Choose the right collection of foods what you like to eat most. By losing fat you have to control your carbohydrate intake remember over carbohydrate intake per day cause belly fat. So cut carbohydrates much as you can don’t eat ever carbohydrate at a night best time is in the morning till afternoon. Chose vegetable especially green all works fine. Non vegetable item like fish, eggs white, chicken without skin, turkey are good source of protein, choose one of them you like or try every day different it will not bore you and can be easily eaten. Fat is another important thing during losing weight I am talking about fat that actually make you fat like hell, goods fats item like nuts every nuts content high quality fats like omega 3, 6 you can choose nuts as a snack meal.

So what we learned don’t take too much carb eat high protein and goods fats and eating timing.




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