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Instinct Diet

Instinct Diet

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Diet Basics

If you are looking for a diet that will provide long term results as well as new personal traits and a decent choice of meals, the Instinct Diet is for you. Using the book, The Instinct Diet, written by Susan Roberts PhD, you will learn to control your instincts. This diet focuses on removing impulse eating or instinct eating. By removing the instinct from your eating patterns, you will lose up to 30 pounds, and have more control over your appetite. This diet states that there are five food instincts which include high calorie foods, eating more when a variety of foods is available, comfort eating, eating when hungry and eating simply when food is available.

This diet includes 3 stages:

  1. A limited menu for the first two weeks
  2. 6 weeks of a wider variety of foods to drop those unhealthy habits
  3. Incorporating exercise into your diet plan

Recommended Foods

High fiber, protein and volume foods will fill you up quicker and leave you feeling satisfied. Low glycemic index carbs are also recommended, such as berries, veggies, low carb breads and some fruits.

Pros and Cons


  • Variety of meals
  • Long term results
  • New control of your appetite
  • Healthy weight loss


  • Light meals


This diet will cost you about the same as your routine grocery shopping. Depending on where you shop, your prices will vary. You will be purchasing more greens and fresh foods, so it may increase a little.

Sample Diet

High fiber cereal
Fresh Fruit
Tea or coffee

Low calorie soup
Light ham sandwich
Fresh fruit
Water or other calorie-free drink

Grilled Chicken
Steamed mixed veggies
Spinach salad with light vinaigrette dressing
Apple slices with peanut butter

An Apple
Any kind Of Nuts
Water or other calorie-free drink (without soda)

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