Hot Stone Massage: Know the Effects, Benefits, and Risks Associated With It


Are you fond of hot stone massage?

Amid the treatment – smooth, level, and warmed stones are put on the specific parts of your body; the stones made of basalt, are a sort of volcanic rock that holds warm.

The hot stone massage therapy is a natural therapy, which uses the warm stones to be positioned on the body parts to maximize the therapeutic benefits. The stone used in the process are river rocks or smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt.

This treatment unwinds and facilitates tense muscles and impaired delicate tissues all through your body.

What Happens During The Therapy?

The stones are placed according to your convenience and condition to be treated:

  • Spine
  • Stomach
  • Chest
  • Face
  • Palms
  • Feet and Toes

The stones are kept in the body parts for several minutes to an hour; the therapists may even hold the stones as they pressurize your body using some Swedish massage techniques, like:

  • Circular movements
  • Tapping
  • Long Strokes
  • Vibrations
  • Kneading

Consequently, sometimes therapists use cold stones during the hot massage therapy; cold stones can be utilized after hot stones, particularly, to quiet the kindled strains and to mollify the skin.

Who Can Be Benefitted From The Therapy?

In this era of competition, not only people at work, but people at home are suffering from tension and stress in body and mind; this leads to various issues like insomnia, depression, pain, and tension in muscles. If you are suffering from chronic issues that cause pain, then it is advisable to visit a physician for hot stone massage as a treatment option.

Risks Associated With The Therapy

A hot stone massage therapy should always be accomplished by a qualified therapist. However, there are some circumstances when it should be avoided and in this case, refer your specialist to getting a massage.

Those conditions are:

  • Skin burns
  • Open wounds
  • Operation in the last 6 weeks
  • Bleeding disorders or intake of blood thinners
  • Blood clots issues
  • Fracture or severe Osteoporosis
  • Diabetic
  • Low platelet count

Hot stone massage can be beneficial to release stress and affluence rough pregnancy symptoms. Although, many massage therapists don’t allow using the hot stones on pregnant women; if you are pregnant, then it is advisable to consult a physician for the advice of therapy during this period.

As the stones are warm, at that point there ought to dependably be a check, similar to a towel or a sheet between the stones and your skin to keep away from the burns. Check with your specialist to know their strategy to warm the stones.

An expert massage stone heater ought to be utilized; likewise, don’t utilize stones that have been warmed with

  • Slow cooker
  • Hotplate
  • Oven
  • Microwave

Benefits of Hot Massage Therapy

Massage therapy falls under the alternative traditional medicine and they have become immensely popular over the last few years. Hot stone massage Toronto is known for its best therapists and services by them; you will get a variety of massage therapies to help you get relief from various body ailments.

Some of the top benefits of hot stone massage include:

Relieves Tension From Muscles

The heat from the stone is transferred to the body when kept on the body parts and they tend to relax the muscle; this way the massage therapists manipulate your deep tissues effectively.
The muscles that are highly tensed can hamper with the massage procedure; if your muscles are stiff and tight, then these warm stones can help you to relax and release tensions from them.

Cures Insomnia

As per the study, massage is an alternative to sleeping pills; so, adults suffering from insomnia can use hot stone massage therapy, which will promote relaxation and sleep in them. Infants with sleeping issues an even use the massage to sleep faster; this fact is supported by a research.

The therapy allows them to be more active, alert, and positive post waking up.

Pain Relief

Any type of massage is beneficial to give relief from pain by tense muscles, injuries or stiff joints, but a hot massage therapy will provide a greater relief due to the intense nature of the massage. The therapy by massage therapist will penetrate deeper and it will leave you feeling physically better.

Pain and discomfort during the massage therapy can cause some inconvenience, but once the massage is done, you will feel contented.

May Decrease Cancer Symptoms

As per a three-year study, massage affected fatigue, stress, nausea, pain, and depression in cancer patient positively. The study showed that the therapy improved the cancer symptoms, even in people with extensive symptoms; researchers believed that this was because of the human touch.

Circulation Is Improved

Massage therapist keeps the heated stones on some points at the body to trigger those points before beginning the actual massage. The heat from the stones penetrates into the deeper tissues, making the blood vessels open, which results in improved circulation.
Poor circulation can lead to fatigue, which results from tension in the muscles and creates a buildup of lactic acid and fluid in the muscles. Proper circulation will deliver more oxygen to the muscles, which help ease pains and aches.

The Bottom Line

Hot stone massage therapy is helpful to reduce strain and fretfulness, ease pain and muscle tension, and even promote relaxation. It is beneficial in treating a variety of conditions and circumstances.
For the positive effect of hot stone massage, go to a trained massage therapist; you may experience some soreness during the massage or a day after, but after a day or two, you will feel much relaxed. Any inconvenience during the massage should be reported right away to the therapist.

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