Skin is one of most sensitive organs in human body. Uneven skin tone on face is just one of many issues that you can have on your body. Fortunately, this is easily fixable with some nice home remedies.

Uneven Skin Tone On Face

Uneven skin tone is also called hyper-pigmentation. Pigmentation of skin is caused by melanin which is stored inside our skin. Amount of melanin in your skin determines your tan. the more melanin you have, the more your skin will be darker. Hyper-pigmentation or uneven skin tone on face and other parts of body is caused by uneven melanin distribution in our skin. This is usually manifested with ugly dark spots on your skin. Also, it can be opposite and it can be that you have white spots on your body due to lack of melanin in some parts of your skin.

if you have similar problems, and you are looking for home remedies for uneven skin tone, then you are on right place.

Aloe Vera for uneven skin tone on face

Use few leaves of Aloe Vera. Crush them so that you get natural and transparent Aloe Vera juice. Put that juice with cotton pads on your skin and leave it over night. in the morning wash your face with cold water and you should see immediate improvements.

Keep your skin clean

in order to avoid uneven skin tone on face it is very important to keep your skin clean. one of best ways to clean your skin is with rose water. use cotton pads and rose water and clean your face. Do this fifteen minutes before sleep. Rose water is great for cleaning pores also.

You can prepare your rose water at home:

In a bowl put six cups of rose petals and four cups of water. Cook that for fifteen minutes. After that remove rose petals and keep rose water in cold place.


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