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Simple ideas for great abs workouts

First of all, let’s be clear on one point that there is no single precise way of training your abs effectively. These complex and relatively small muscle groups respond well to a number of different exercises. Apart from the pronounced six pack muscles visible noticeably at the front, the group also includes the less obvious, however equally important internal obliques, transversus abdominis, the lower back as well as the core muscles. Thus, to premeditate for a great abs structure, you will need to include various kinds of muscle exercises in your workout plan.

Now it’s quite obvious that excellent results can be obtained by simply putting a little extra effort on major muscle groups with the help of exercise like deadlifts, clean and jerks, lunges, squats etc. Heavy training on such kinds of multi joint complex exercises involves your abs in a great amount of work towards balancing and stabilizing your body, they eventually grow strong without you even noticing it. Quite like the abs, all muscle groups respond well to direct workout, and for achieving best results as well as for the sake of maintaining variety which is utterly crucial to maintain a workout regime, it makes sense to include a lot more of these exercises in your daily routine.

So here’s a selection of great ab workouts, any few of which would serve your purpose, but it goes without saying that should carry them out regularly and for quite some months down the lane. Varying between these exercises every few weeks or so would not only ensure that you are hitting your abs in numerous different ways and different directions, but will keep you interested and engaged in enjoying your abs workouts.

For a start, go with jacknives


lie with your back upon the floor with outstretched arms and hands on the floor. Try lifting your body, legs and arms simultaneously from the floor, and attempt to touch your hands with your feet with legs stretched straight. From the highest position, lower your back while trying to keep our feet in the air. Repeat this process for a number of times.

Lie on your back with arms at your side. Then lift your legs slowly and over and try to make your feet touch the ground just behind your head with straight stretched legs. If you don’t have the flexibility, then just try to bring your legs as low as you can, soon you can feel your feet drop gradually towards the floor with time. You can hold your feet on the ground for a minute or even two. This works amazingly on the muscles and also on the squeezing of your abdominal area.



Lie down on your back with arms by sides and lift up your straight legs by a few inches. Then spread your legs wide and bring them back again to cross your ankles. Aim for a minimum of 25 reps and you can feel it in your hips, lower back and abs as well.

Leg raises and roll back


This conventional “knees to chest leg raises” is exceptionally best for great ab workouts. Rolling backwards with your knees raised to touch your chin helps particularly in squeezing lower abdominal muscles.



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