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Grapefruit Diet Meal Plan

The grapefruit diet meal plan is one of the most widely known diets. Originating in around the 1930’s, this diet has quite the popularity and many people have taken part in it due to its quick weight loss effects. It’s not a long term diet, although it does promise a ten goal in a week.

Unfortunately, the results do not last very long. Most of the weight you lose is fluid or water weight, and once you’re back to your normal eating, you will most likely regain the lost weight.

During this diet, you MUST include half of a grapefruit with each of your meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Suggested Foods

On this diet, you will be required to eat half of a grapefruit with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Water, grapefruit juice and black coffee are acceptable. You want to avoid carbs, green veggies, mayo, and splurge on high fat meats, water, and veggies. Most carbs are prohibited. There are many different versions and each differ with their own restrictions.


Pros and Cons


  • Fruit is delicious! Most of us need more fruit in our diet anyway and this diet revolves around one of the most healthful.
  • This diet is proven successful for weight loss. It’s a controversial question, if it’s something in the grapefruit itself but studies show grapefruit encourages weight loss.


  • Temporary weight loss is a huge con in this diet. The whopping 10+ pounds you lose in the diet will return most likely soon after you return to your normal diet.
  • The foods you are skipping in this diet are your main source of energy: high fat proteins.
  • Exercise isn’t encouraged during this diet due to low calorie intake.



This diet is moderately priced. The price of the diet varies by season, depending on how much grapefruits cost at your local grocery store or farmers market and in a week, you’ll need about 11 grapefruits and even more juice.


Diet Background

This diet and its numerous varying versions have been around since the 1930’s. Since then, there have been many updated or altered restrictions and it’s up to you to pick which one you think better suits your goals or lifestyle.

This diet has a bit of controversy as to what helps with the weight loss: low calorie intake or a chemical in the grapefruit. Scientists have done studies and there is an equal amount of results for both.


Sample Of The Diet


2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, ½ a grapefruit, black coffee


Chicken breast and salad with ½ a grapefruit


Salad, fish, and 1 cup of grapefruit juice


Tomato juice or skim milk


This Grapefruit Diet Meal Plan is great for someone who needs to lose a quick 10-12 pounds with a short time restriction. Most dieters see results when abiding by the food restrictions and following all the “rules”. You will not keep off weight with this diet, seeing as you mainly only lose water or fluid weight. If you love grapefruit, this is the diet for you.



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