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Fruity smoothie Recipe For Healthy Life Routine

Fruity smoothie for healthy life routine to stay healthy and fit

Fruity smoothie
This smooth Fruity smoothie recipe does not only taste great but is usually quite healthy.

What you need

1 mango
1 orange
Handful raspberries
2 tablespoons natural yogurt

Why you should drink this

Mangos The low-calorie mango provides the body with a healthy portion of vitamin B6, which stimulates the metabolism and thus reduces the appetite for sugar and carbohydrates.

Natural yoghurt

Natural yogurt is full of appetizing proteins. So it reduces the desire to snack between meals.


The high concentration of fiber keeps you tired longer. Oranges also contain a lot of vitamin C and thus support the immune system.


The high calcium content of the raspberries stimulates the metabolism so that the body burns more effective fat.


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