Four Useful Tips on Fitting in More Cycling Time


Cycling is a sport. For people who are not athletes, cycling is something you do only on special days like a vacation in the countryside. Cycling is fun because it allows you to get a good view of beautiful places, pass quickly through traffic, and experience an adventure. Cycling is good because it exercises your body, makes you healthy over time, and lets you navigate without polluting the environment. You don’t even need to go looking for a gasoline station when you run out of gasoline because you don’t need gasoline to cycle. So, don’t you just want more cycling time? Here are four useful advice on fitting in more cycling time.

Arranging Group Rides

In many cities, group cycling has become a common trend. Many organizers are arranging events to let people from different part can take part and share a joyful journey. Riding a bike with others ensures you will keep riding even during bad weather or harsh conditions. Make sure you pick a group of cyclists who are tough and will motivate you to push your limits. Cycling is a great opportunity to make friends and to build friendships. If you have a friend from the past who is a cyclist, you can include him in your group and use your cycling time together as an opportunity to catch up with him. You can also use this chance to plan more cycling time together in the future, so you can use your cycling times as bonding time.

Determining Saddle Setback and Setting Saddle Height


Prepare your bike for your cycling holiday. You can prepare it yourself. Structure it so that it will be comfortable for your body when you cycle. A well-prepared bike must not make you bend your legs too tight or stretch your legs too far just to pedal. You must measure your saddle setback and get the right measurement. You must also set the saddle height. You can also visit some bike experts to have your bike prepared for you. They will still need you there because the bike has to be structured based on your body. This will prevent injuries when you cycle, for too long.

Pay Attention to the Shoe-pedal Connection

Keeping your bike fit for each and every journey, you must give your bike a thorough maintenance. A shoe-pedal connection is also a part that you must maintain before each cycling adventure. The platform of your pedals must be large enough for your feet and your shoes. Just like the saddle, the pedals of your bike must have the right measurements of your body to help you cycle comfortably and avoid getting injuries. Try out your bike to make sure you do not feel any tension anywhere in your legs while pedaling. If there is tension, you must readjust the measurement of your pedals. For more comfort, use the right cycling shoes for the pedals of your bike. Wearing ordinary rubber shoes for your cycling time will cause your feet to slip and not move well with your pedals.

Get Two Bikes

Getting more than one bike will motivate you to keep cycling. You can have a bike for short cycling times and civilized territories, and a bike for long cycling times and rough terrains. You must get more than one bike even when you hire bikes. You can hire bikes when you visit faraway places because carrying a pair of bikes to your destination will be no fun. You can hire a pair of bikes when you arrive at your destination, saving the second one just in case the first bike gets broken. It pays to be well-prepared when you travel and plan to stay in a new place for a long time. While buying multiple bikes, you can consider different cycling mode and conditions such as a cycle for a tracking route or cycle for a long trip. This way, you will be able to explore new destinations and adventures.

You can also buy or rent a cycle for one of your family members to accompany you on your journey. This will motivate you to go an extra mile and explore new destinations. You can also arrange family picnics where cycling can be the primary mode of transportation. You can arrange small trips with your friends or colleagues and have some friendly challenges to keep you motivated to cycle more. You can also include cycling in your daily routine to keep yourself fit.

These tips will help bring your dream of cycling more into reality. You can have more quality time with great people, discovering new places together while getting healthier and healthier. As long as you follow the established road safety and travel safety rules, making long cycling a habit will be good for your health.


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