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Daron Lytle Bodybuilder Workout And Diet Plan


Interview With The Fitness Model Daron Lytle

Age: 42 (2016)
Height: 5’9″
Weight:(currently) 212.4
Born: St.Louis, MO
Currently living in Washington, D.C.

How Did You Start Fitness And Health?

I started training with weights when I was about 13 or 14 years old.  High school football was me first introduction to the « weight room ».  I fell in love with it from then on.  I’ve been eating like a bodybuilder before I even knew anything about it.   I always had eggs and oatmeal in the morning.  I was always amazed how weight training could transform how my body looked.  It was so exciting!  about 13 years since I first stepped on stage for the first time. It was the NPC Conquest in Richmond, VA.  I won light heavy novice overall.  Oh boy, I was hooked on this thing after that.  I continued to compete as an amateur in the NPC. In 2004 I won the NPC Jr. USA.  After that my wife, who is the army got stationed in Belgium.  Fortunately, I was able to compete there.  Well, in 2006 I earned an IFBB pro card at the Belgian Nationals.  I couldn’t believe it!  Yes, this was totally unheard of.

Can You Tell Us About Your Workout Routine Mr Daron Lytle ?

I’m currently getting ready for the IFBB St. Louis Pro 212 on April 4, 2015.  Right now I’m training 5 days a week.  Mondays are legs, Tuesday is chest, Wednesday is back, Thursday is biceps and triceps and Friday is delts.  For legs its step up with weight and reverse lunges, leg extensions and seated leg curls. For chest its bench press, smith incline press, flys and flat dumbbell press.  Back is barbell bent over rows, one arm rows, pull ups, and machine seated rows.  For bi’s and tri’s its concentration curls, rope pull downs, farmer’s walk, and close grip bench.  For delts I do standing one arm press, standing dumbbell laterals, seated lateral machine, and rear delts on the pec dec machine.  Most reps are 8 to 12 with 4 sets.

Can You Tell Us About Your Diet Routine?

Since I’m in pre contest mode my diet will vary until contest time.  It’s pretty simple.  6 meals a day. On training days its about 200 grams of carbs, almost 300 grams of protein and about 30 grams of fat. Preworkout is just protein with a little fat about  and postworkout is 60 grams of carbs and about 45 grams of protein.  Protein choices are chicken, turkey, fish, or egg whites.  So right now I’m eating a cup of white rice with chicken and a cup of vegetables.  I will substitute white rice with brown rice, sweet potatoes, or Ezekiel bread.  A couple of those meals I will have 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter, 20 grams of walnuts, or 30 grams of cashews or almonds.  Meal 6 , my last meal is usually casein with 2 tbsp. of natural peanut butter.
Daron Lytle Bodybuilder

How About Your Supplementation Daron Lytle

For supplementation I exclusively use ALL AMERICAN EFX supplements.  This is my sponsor.   NF Pro for highly bio-available whey protein,  Karbolyn for fast acting carbohydrates, Kre-Alkalyn EFX for pH-Correct Creatine, i-Rush475 for glucose and carbohydrate uptake, and Nytric for the PUMP!

What Inspires You?

As far inspiration, their are so many people that inspire me.  I probably get the most from the fans and supporters that I have.  It’s so cool to hear other peoples stories.  Many times I get asked that question of how I do what I do.  It’s not all about me trying to get « cut », look good, or get lots of attention because of my physique.  It’s about encouraging, motivating others and being unselfish.  To really « grow », you have to take that discipline, hard work, and dedication and apply it to your everyday LIFE!
Daron Lytle Bodybuilder


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