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Highly effective crossfit workout routine for quick weight loss

Crossfit training is a series of workout methodologies primarily intended towards increasing strength and conditioning. The main focus is on Olympic style weightlifting; however at the same time it also includes several routines which aim at developing numerous physical attributes like strength, endurance, speed, balance, coordination and more. Also crossfit workout is one of the effective proponents for losing tummy fat and weight. In fact, almost all kinds of included exercises are aimed at shedding fats and burning calories, the most ideal ones of which have been mentioned below:

Cindy Routine


This is a full body strategy composed of body weight squats and pushups. This short and quick fat burning exercise has a time frame of around twenty minutes. Cindy Routine is specifically designed to build up muscles in the shoulders and chest area and simultaneously allowing for a high work rate to cut down extra fats and calories.

Filthy 50



A very demanding and rigorous crossfit workout training, Filthy 50 requires you to complete 50 reps with 10 kinds of exercises which include pull ups, box jumps, lunge steps, push press, ball shots, double unders, burpee, back extension, lifts and kettleball swings. Since this routine is physically quite demanding, it is capable of maximizing the number of calories burnt in one session alone.



Sit ups are always the best forms of stomach and abs exercises. Quite like the L-sit, you can give away a large amount of the excess part by performing a crossfit routine where your body is supported with the help of arms while your legs are placed straight in the front.

Double under


This jump rope routine is sure to give you an additional amount of adrenaline rush. The double under crossfit workout routine is performed by jumping over one rope and ensuring that the rope has to pass through twice before you land. The higher work capacity required ensures that you burn greater fat and lose more weight.

Pull ups and fast run

When you set out on a running streak, you sweat more thereby burning more calories. Distance exercise routines have always been an effective way of shedding extra pounds. When paired up with pull ups, you not only improve your stamina, but develop upper body and arm strength as well.



An excellent crossfit workout routine, dips are aimed at improving muscle groups in our body. The ring dip routine provides you with added balance and strength while you learn to manage to stabilize rings in both the sides of your body. The focus is on upper body strength and it corresponds to tons of sweat and effort.

Deadlift and run

These are two potent exercises that can give you the exact results with losing tummy fat and weight as desired. Under this routine, you will have to perform some dead lift sets and after that run for around 1.5 miles.

Double under and sit-ups Combined with sit-ups, double under forms the right combo for getting rid of extra tummy fat as well as make your midsection appear a lot more attractive.



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