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Bodybuilding Cutting Diet: Create a Perfect Meal Plan

Important points that you must consider while creating a perfect bodybuilding cutting diet plan:


  1. Consume five to six small meals each single day, around two to three hours apart for keeping your metabolism active & your energy levels up. This will also help control your hunger.
  2. Decide about the number of calories you that you should be consuming every day, and continue with it. You should consume more calories than you lose to building muscle mass!
  3. It is suggested to intake 40 percent protein, 40 percent carbs and 20 percent fat on all the consumed Cal.
  4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. (Consult with your fitness expert for this)

musclebulking cutting diet

A sample bodybuilding cutting diet is given below:

First Meal (Pre-workout): Oatmeal (1 Cup), six egg whites

Second Meal (Breakfast): Meal replacement shake or bar that is high in protein content, flaxseed oil

Third Meal (Midmorning period): Green vegetables (2 cups), brown rice (1 Cup) & lean meat (about 8 oz.)

Forth Meal (Lunch): Leafy salad, tuna in water, & whole wheat bagel

Fifth Meal (Dinner): Green leafy veggies (2 cups), lean meat (8 oz.), and 1 baked potato

Sixth Meal (Snack): Flaxseed oil along with a meal replacement packet

The above bodybuilding cutting diet plan can greatly increase the development of your body muscles, however it’s hard to tell the amount of every one of the above item that will suit your calorie intake. Also, it is difficult to tell the items you could substitute once you are bored of the above meal plan after some weeks of following the exact same items each day.

The good news is, there are a few programs on the web which offer you with complete meal plans which stick with the rock-solid diets which we mentioned above.

In the beginning, get rid of all the processed sugars & unhealthy fats from your daily routine in case you haven’t already. Never jump on your bodybuilding cutting diet plan straightaway, also. It might take a little time for your body to get used to it, however by gradually building up towards your ideal diet plan, you should see the desired results in a quick period of time.

However, remember that you can do much better if you follow the advice of a professional fitness expert in addition to following the tips given in this article. Once you’ve a definite plan, it’s important that you stick with it as ultimately you will love the end result!



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