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Biggest Dieting Mistakes – Avoid now

Biggest Dieting Mistakes



Dieting is a tricky process: too much of this or not enough of that—everyone has a different opinion of how YOU can lose weight. Yet there are many basic diet plans that are just plain unhealthy and result in an unbalanced diet. Here is a list of a few biggest Dieting mistakes people make when dieting.

Getting rid of the fat. Why do people hate fat? Having a healthy source of fats in your diet will give your body energy; it helps slow digestion which helps you feel fuller longer. The idea that the obesity levels in America are due to too much fat is just plain not true. It is more likely caused by too much sugar and way too many calories.

Calorie reduction. That statement above being said, reducing your calories if you are eating a normal amount is not healthy either. When beginning many diets you start with reduced calories to see a significant difference in weight loss. However, this weight will quickly be replaced as you start back to a normal level of calories. The grapefruit diet is an example of this—you add grapefruit and reduce your calorie intake. The grapefruit does absolutely nothing except adding lots of vitamin C, and the calorie drop will help you lose weight, but only temporarily.

Packing in the healthy foods. Just because it is healthy doesn’t mean you can overeat. The biggest problem America has is overeating—not necessarily eating a poor choice of foods. Consuming too much of a healthy food will have the same result as eating too much of bad food—weight gain. An example here is the “Skinny Bitch Diet” where you eat organic foods thinking it will assist you with weight loss and energy.

Drinking Beer. Well, that is alcohol in general actually. Drinks are often seen as free calories—whatever that means. What they don’t understand is that when ingested, alcohol becomes the energy of choice for your body to burn therefore making unbalanced energy consumption—like eating a whole dark chocolate cake in one sitting. Not a good idea for someone utilizing a weight loss diet.

Getting rid of carbs. You have heard this one a lot, and you would see an amazing loss of weight as you limit carbohydrates—but this is not due to real weight loss. Water is held in the muscle cells by carbohydrates and so with no carbs, your body will store very little water. Ever heard that a human body is made up of 65% water? Not on a carb free diet. Meaning – it is not healthy.

Not eating on a schedule. The best thing you can do for your body is to give it a schedule—and a frequent one at that. Eating only three meals a day is just not enough to keep your body constantly strong and keeping good levels of energy.

Skipping the best meal of the day—breakfast. Eating a well-balanced breakfast is the best way to get your body properly functioning after the long night of relaxed restful sleep. Without eating what your body needs at the beginning of the day, you will be playing catch-up the rest of the day and will not have the energy you are looking for in a healthy diet.

Not exercising. How many diet plans and meal plans tell you all you have to change is the food you eat? How silly to think that by just changing your food—and not your energy output—you will lose weight. Perhaps a little, but exercise is a vital part of a healthy diet and weight loss program. Don’t expect to get very far without it.

How many of these have you tried? It is unfortunate that there are so many people that listen to the infomercials telling them to purchase the miracle pill. A true diet is balanced, thought-out, time consuming, and involves exercise.



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