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The Best Bicep Workout That Will Add Inches To Your Biceps

The best bicep workout:

Hands down. Want well-developed biceps? There’s just no getting away from it: you have to do dumbbell curls.

Curls activate many muscle fibres at the same time, different muscle groups Work together and you are not limited by a machine on a fixed track.

Here are seven of the most effective exercises for powerful arms – with Short dumbbells, long dumbbells or the EZ bar on the Scott-bench.


When doing dumbbell curls, pay attention to the following:

Always hold the wrists straight otherwise you risk straining or overextending. To protect the spinal column, avoid letting the chest sink.

The shoulders must not fall forwards – concentrate on puling them back intentionally.

Feeling the resistance, curl the dumbbell and concentrate on the muscle. This increases the effectiveness of the exercise.

For maximum effect, keep the upper arms close to the body and fix the elbows.

The Best Bicep Workout Exercises Power Curls

The staple part of our best bicep workout.

Position the legs shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent.

The palms should point to the front.

Lift the weights up to the shoulder without twisting the forearms in a controlled movement.

When maximum strain of the biceps is reached, slowly move the weights down without pulling your elbows back or away from the body.

Start the next curl before the arms are fully extended.

3 sets, 12-15 repetitions.


Curls on the Bench

Curls on the Bench

Place the back rest at a 75-degree angle, and press your heels down onto the floor.

Slowly lift the weights up to the top so that the palms point towards the shoulder at the end of the movement. Lower again without fully extending your arms.

3 sets, 12-15 repetitions


Alternating Curls

Position the back rest of the training bench almost straight up, tense your body and let the dumbbells hang loose.

Lift slowly towards the shoulder until the palm points towards the body (turn begins at thigh height).

Let the dumbbell drop again.

Just before it reaches the starting position, lift the other arm

3 sets, 12-15 repetitions


Curls with In-Step Grip

curls with in step grip

Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart, palms towards each other.

Lift the weights slowly in front of the chest up to shoulder height, the palms pointing forwards.

Go back to the initial position and begin with the next curl immediately.

This is one of the exercises that really make this the best bicep workout.

3 sets, 8-12 repetitions


Hammer Curls

hammer curls

Sit upright, pull shoulders backwards; hold dumbbells straight up, the palms towards each other.

Curl both weights towards the shoulder, upwards as far as possible.

Lower again without extending your arms.

Do not twist the wrists. Variation: alternating curls.


3 sets, 8-12 repetitions


Scott Curls

scott curls

Position the upper arms parallel to the connecting surface – the elbows must not move.

Hold the back straight. Grab the bar with hands shoulder-width apart, arms almost extended.

Push the bar upwards as far as possible and lower again without extending your arms.

3 sets, 8-12 repetitions


Long Dumbbell Curls

long dumbbell curls

Stand upright, feet more than hip-width apart, knees slightly bent.

Grab the dumbbell with hands wider than shoulder-width apart (palms up), and let them rest on the thighs.

The arms should be slightly bent and kept close to the torso.

Pull the dumbbell slowly towards the shoulders without bending the wrists.

Hold at maximum strain briefly before lowering the weight (hold elbows loosely, do not lock).

3 sets, 6-8 repetitions


Three Power-Grip Variations

1. The wider the grip, the more the inner section of the biceps is trained.

2. The instep grip enlarges the Brachialis – the muscle between biceps and triceps.

3. A tighter under-grip challenges the outer biceps.

If this isn’t the best bicep workout out there, then it simply doesn’t exist.

Stay on track with this routine and watch your arms grow like crazy.




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