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Back workout routine for a gorgeously toned back

Back workout routine for a gorgeously toned back

Talking of exercise regimens, most people usually pay closer attention to toning their thighs, abs and arms. They often forget to include any form of back workout in their physical fitness routines. Working on your backs can bring in tremendous and truly impressive benefits both in terms of health and physical looks. The best back exercises would effectively strengthen the back muscles, thus aiding you in picking up heavy objects and lifts with assistance from your leg muscles. Furthermore, a strong back even protects you from getting any muscle imbalances which usually are the results of chest overtraining. If your heavy weight is a concern every now and then, it would please you to discover that developing strong back muscles help you in burning as much calories as you do while training your legs.

Just like with the legs, aiming for a stand out back takes a lot of blood, tears. Following is a discussion on a few exceptionally great back exercises that will eventually help in having a better looking and stronger back.

Barbell Bent –over Rows

This is an essential inclusion in your back workout routine as it will help you in developing thickness and strength in your upper body. The exercise involves movement in your traps, lower back, hamstrings and lats. Stand with a weighted barbell on a raised platform with your feet wide apart by a shoulder length. Bend your knees slightly, hold your head high and your back straight and try to bend over till your body makes an angle less than 45 degrees with the floor. Ensure that the weights are hanging straight down and that you hold the bar with palms facing inwards towards you.

Chin-ups and pull-ups

These are considered to be one of the best back workout exercises to gauge your back strength. Usually pull ups are more difficult, but in order to gain the best results, you’ll need to switch occasionally from one to another. While doing pull-ups, ensure that you are gripping the bar with palms facing in opposite direction. Conversely, your palms will be facing inwards towards you while doing chin ups and your hands should be placed a little lower than a shoulder width apart unlike pull ups where the placing of hands needs to be a bit greater than one shoulder width apart.

One arm dumbbell rows

This back exercise is aimed at isolating the sides of your back and with a wider range and amount of motion, you can achieve fuller contractions. Grab a dumbbell and set it down by the side of an exercise bench. On one end of the bench, kneel with one leg and reach out your hand on the other end for support. Maintain your upper body parallel to the floor and plant your free leg just behind your other leg beside your body for maximum support.

Barbell Deadlifts

This is one of the basic fundamental exercises that have to be included in any serious back workout routine. When done in a perfect fashion, this exercise helps you in gaining more muscles, burning greater calories and becoming generally stronger.



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