7 Reasons Why Setting Your Own Goals Is Important


If you set goals for yourself every once in a while, you certainly know how big of a change this little routine makes to your lifestyle. You are more determined to succeed, following a habit and most importantly, creating a mindset for a change.

However, if you are not setting any goals for yourself, you may easily fall down in a loop and start swinging away from what’s important in life. The truth is, successful goal achievement marks your first point towards success and switches you from passive to active.

If you are still wondering why setting your own goals is important for every aspect of your life, we have seven reasons to back up this fact.


It Helps You Take Control Of Your Own Life

First and foremost, goal achievement is what puts you in control of your own life. In times when a lot of people are sleepwalking through life and not feeling that they are getting what they want, goal-setting can be a habit that makes you focus on your own goals instead of fulfilling someone else’s.

It can be someone telling you what to do or where to go, or even a product passively convincing you to buy it. However, once you have set some goals, you are able to take control of your life and make decisions for yourself.

It Gets You Maximum Results

What do many top performers, successful entrepreneurs world-class athletes share?
A habit to set their own goals. After all, that is what helped Michael Phelps, Richard Branson, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg come to where they are right now.

You can set your own goals about basically everything in life. In fact, the more goals you set, the more balanced your life will be. You will be able to get maximum results in every sphere, whether it’s work, exercising or playing tennis with your friend. What gets measured definitely gets improved – and that is one more reason to set specific targets and milestones in everything you do.

It Creates A Well-Defined Direction To Follow

It’s true that goals give you focus. Instead of just focus, they give you a general direction to follow and an outline on what to spend your time and energy on. Whether you are building a business or just following your routine at the gym, goals can make you more determined and oriented to achieve the best results.

As you brainstorm and set goals, you will realize that your energy will be directed towards one output – the goal you have set. Once you have that goal, your energy will be channeled to create the maximum reward. Now, this is the direction that creates maximum results.

It Makes You Accountable For Your Behavior

People make mistakes. However, people with a set of goals that is clear are accountable for their mistakes and know what they need to change in order to prevent them. This is the major difference that goal setting for success actually makes.

Rather than just talking or doing, you are obligated to do the things you need – which makes you accountable and on track with your goals. The accountability here is an accountability for yourself and your own behavior, and for many people it has been the main habit that let them turn their passion into their full-time career.

It Gives You A Push In The Back

We all need some motivation on a daily basis. However, only a little portion of us know that the best way to get that motivation is right from ourselves. When you set goals, you also connect yourself with your innermost desires.

These are the desires that motivate you, give you something to strive for and remind you of the things you have. Many people have said that obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal – and that is exactly how big of a push your goals can make when you are determined to get closer to them.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, goals make the best version of yourself. They also help you achieve your highest potential. Without them, you only default to a routine of things and activities that just make you feel safe and comfortable while fulfilling your time.

So, are you going to break away from that comfort zone – now that you know why setting your own goals is important?

Fingers crossed for tons of success!
Author: Alex Reader MSc is an online personal trainer, fitness expert and founder of Alex Reader Fitness


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