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5000 calorie meal plan for muscle mass

BeFunky_musclebuilking.jpgMake 5000 calorie meal plan for building muscle mass

Take advantage of this diet plan that many professional bodybuilders do for their success. Every day hard training hours and hours in the Gym will not get your 100 percent result, why? Because of lack dieting that you have, your body needs nutrition every day. For adding mass you should have to add extra more calories in your every meal.

Remember your body needs lots of calories don´t go with crappy foods that contain bad fats and carbohydrate that give you only bad calories and turn quickly into bally fats. Avoid readymade foods much as possible; your calorie should come from good foods that contain good fats, carbohydrate and protein.

Here are some good food collections that you should have in your kitchen.

Protein sources

Beef, Fish, Chicken breast, Turkey, Eggs and Protein Powder

Some dairy products like cottage cheese, yogurt and milk

Carbohydrates sources

Whole grain breads, whole grain pasta, Oats, white rice or wild rice, sweet potato, potato and


Fats source

All kind of nuts like Peanuts, Almond, Pista, Avocado and olive oil

Remember you also collect lots of fats from non-vegetable item that mention in protein source and carbohydrates

Many people asking how much protein carbohydrate and fats should I need to take every day?

Well if you are on bulking diet and hard trainer then plan should like that see below:

5000 calorie

Carbohydrates: 550 gram

Protein: 450+ gram

Fats: 110 gram

Important these is advance diet plan please check your daily intake calorie and take advice from your trainer first.

Meal plan

Meal 1 wakeup

Take 50 gram Whey protein powder shake with 300 ml 1.5% fat milk

Nutrition intake: protein 50 gram, carbohydrate 12 gram, fats 4.5 gram

Meal 2 Breakfasts check best Recipe

2 whole and 3 eggs whites’ boiled

100 gram oats boiled in water

200 gram cottage cheese

One banana

Nutrition intake: protein 55 gram, carbohydrate 75 gram, fats 28.5 gram

Meal 3 pre workout or snacks

50 gram nuts (almonds or peanuts)

500 gram backed potatoes

25 gram Whey protein powders shake with water

Nutrition intake: protein 40 gram, carbohydrate 105 gram, fats 25 gram

Meal 4 post workout

25 gram protein powders shake with milk

2 bananas

Nutrition intake: protein 23 gram, carbohydrate 50 gram, fats 3 gram

Meal 6 lunch

10 oz. or 350 gram chicken breast (uncooked)

150 gram white rice (uncooked)

2 tablespoon olive oil

Nutrition intake: protein 92 gram, carbohydrate 112 gram, fats 13 gram

Meal 7

10 oz or 300 gram salmon fish (uncooked)

100 gram white rice (uncooked)

2 tablespoon olive oil

Nutrition intake: protein 67 gram, carbohydrate 75 gram, fats 12 gram

Meal 8 dinner

350 gram chicken breast or turkey breast (uncooked)

500 gram backed potato

2 tablespoon olive oil

Nutrition intake: protein 91 gram, carbohydrate 105 gram, fats 13 gram

Meal 9 before bed

200 gram of cottage cheese or casein protein powder shake you can also take whey protein.

Nutrition intake: protein 25 gram, carbohydrate 8 gram, fats 8 gram


Tipps: make yourself your meal time plan and also training time for pre and post workout.

Eat every 2.5 to 3 hours

Important: This advice is not for beginners only who have 2-3 years’ fitness experience.

Take advice from your trainer before start any kind of plan.

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