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1200 calorie diet


1200 calorie diet for woman who want to lose some weight

1200 Calorie Diet PlanEvery woman on the world have a dream to have a good body shape with measurement 24,36,24 (breast, west, hip) but not every woman can archives these kind of body because of bad dieting every day they consuming. You don’t need to spend hours and hours in the fitness gym if you have right choice of foods and correct calculation calorie intact that you needs per day. check your daily needed calories So, 1200 calorie per day is the recommend intact for every woman who struggling to lose weight.There are so many suggestions about diet plan that actually work well you have to choose you’re self which food suit for your body and you can consume easily.

In this diet plan you will go with low carb diet. Low carb diet don’t mean that you take 0 carbohydrates

Carbohydrates especially complex are typically very high in fiber so they are slow in digest and are able to use as efficient fuel for your body.

Prepare any kind of foods in your meal plan see below

Low carb foods with high in fiber

Vegetable like broccoli, Green peas cooked, sweet corn, potato with skin, Tomato paste

Whole grain bread and oats

High protein foods

Fish, chicken breast, turkey breast, and eggs

Hight in fats

Any kind of nuts, Avocado, olive oil

Here is 1200 calorie diet par day.

Meal one

2 whole eggs

30 gram oats

With law fat milk

Meal two

100 gram fish

100 gram broccoli

One tablespoon olive oil

One slice of whole grain bread

Meal three

100 gram fish or chicken breast

100 gram any kind of green vegetable

One slice of whole grain bread

One tablespoon olive oil

Meal four

100 gram fish or chicken breast

100 gram of any kind of green vegetable

One tablespoon olive oil


Snacks: take 50 gram nuts at least ones each day on any time




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