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Musclebulking blog attracts around ’15k’ monthly visitors. We are always looking for brilliant contributors to join we. If you are well acquainted with beauty, fashion, fitness and health care know-how along with exceptional writing skills and would like to reach a huge audience to share your expertise, there was wish to hear for you.

The following information should answer your entire queries related to the submission process and the type of content that people require.

Our Topic of Writing categories:

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“Musclebulking” Guest Blogging Guidelines

The splendor of guest blogging is in the fact that such posts are often comprehensive, engaging and interesting enough to reach out there to a large number of audiences. The goal of ‘musclebulking’ is to teach women something new about the world of beauty, fashion and ladies health care. Also, anything and everything that concerns about site related in any way will be happily welcomed by us.

Seven Most Vital Pointers that we look for in every write-up are:

Top quality writes ups and original ideas.
Do not bother emailing us anything that has been published elsewhere.
The writing style needs to be more every day and less formal.
The term limit of the post needs to be at the very least 800 words.
Add pictures wherever necessary for a graphic impact.
Only two of your website/blog hyperlinks are permitted to be added along with the content.
The links to be added should be given the ‘One DoFollow’ links.

What Strictly Needs to be Avoided:

Some of the things that need to be prevented and should be studied treatment of before submission are:

Don’t cover anything that was already covered on our blog.
Don’t pen down anything that is essentially promotional.
Don’t pen down erroneous facts & figures.
Stay away from overly criticizing any brand, a product or a business.

How to Submit your Post:

Very first Send your Topic or Title to We will get back to you if your topic is interesting and relevant.
Even as we Accept your blog topic and Subject then send it in Microsoft Word Document.
Photos, Pictures with proper attribution in both word file and also separately in a folder.
A short and crisp author bio.
Last Word: You cannot republish the content on your blog, website or elsewhere once it has been published on our website after acceptance. Also, We reserve the right to edit and update the content for comprehensiveness and suit our editorial standards.